Together we turn the dream into reality

Numeriq Ltd is based in Edinburgh and Central Scotland. We work with innovative people, products and businesses. Established in 2004, Numeriq Ltd has more than eighteen years of imagining, designing, and building smart software systems that exceed clients expectations.

Our open and honest approach, combined with care and attention to detail enables a true understanding of client requirements. Our expertise and experience results in practical, user-friendly solutions.

We offer fast, secure website hosting and web design and development services. We work with a network of partners who specialise in design, marketing, IT, SEO, and other expertise as necessary to design and build your websites, apps and other software systems.


Website development

We have a broad experience of building sites with a number of tools and platforms. Our long-term favourite platform is Wordpress.

Website Hosting

Website hosting and web server administration, built with security and scalability in mind.


We work in partnership with designers who are Certified User Experience (UX) Professionals.


Bespoke database systems, CRMs, ERPs, and their integration with websites, web applications and apps.


Online shops with WooCommerce, Shopify, or Prestashop.

Mobile Apps

Mobile App development and support.

Social Media

Integration of Social Media features into websites.

Website Performance Tuning

Website, web server and database performance tuning and scaling for busy and high-load websites.

Content Delivery Networks

We integrate CDNs with your website to ensure worldwide fast website loading.


Integration of analytics tools to assess performance of your website.


We work to Website and Web Application Security best practices. 


We work to Web Accessibility best practices.


How can we help you?


We can help you and your customers build websites, themes, plugins and web applications. We also offer fast, managed website hosting.


We can build and support your in-house or cloud-based applications and train your staff and customers.

Technology Companies

We can help you with software development, databases, servers, hardware, processes, setting up tools for development and testing, and more. 


We can offer you the skills and experience to bring your idea to market successfully.


We can help you with your website or databases, and provide your charity with the technology you need to achieve your goals.